You Make a Difference: No More Bullying!

Getting to the Bottom of It

Bullying Prevention through Empathy and Kindness

International Bullying Prevention Conference • November 6-8, 2016 • Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Louisiana, USA

You Make a Difference

No More Bullying!

Sunday, November 6 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Open to all conference participants

You Make a Difference: No more Bullying!

Book by Debra L. Freeberg, Music by Tricia Bayfield, Lyrics by Freeberg and Bayfield

A play for upper elementary and middle school students.

Sticks, Pellagia and Diamond have reason to be afraid. For them school isn’t a safe place. The Insiders make it their mission to show Sticks, Pellagia and Diamond what losers they are. Though touching on moments of bullying, the play asks the characters and the audience to reflect and challenge what they witness. The play encourages the bullied characters to take a step toward resiliency.

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