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Getting to the Bottom of It

Bullying Prevention through Empathy and Kindness

International Bullying Prevention Conference • November 6-8, 2016 • Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Louisiana, USA

Olweus Day

8AM-4PM, Sunday, Nov. 6 – $75

(full-day session – not eligible for discounts)

Each year certified OBPP Trainers/Consultants gather to network, to share experiences from their work, hear OBPP updates, and review new tools and research. Program updates and research will be reviewed and discussed along with works of other invited guests. You must be a certified OBPP trainer/consultant to attend this session. (lunch on your own from Noon – 1:15 pm)

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Bullying Prevention 101

8AM-12PM, Sunday, Nov. 6 – $55


Following definitions of bullying and cyberbullying, participants will learn specific techniques and strategies that will help them develop a better understanding of offline and online bullying behavior. They will review research-based best practices and learn practical guidelines for implementing a whole-school approach to preventing peer abuse.Participants will also discuss myths about bullying, ways to acknowledge positive behavior, and to empower bystanders to help targets of bullying. The presentation will give participants practical ways to ensure that their schools have peaceful learning environments where positive and respectful behaviors are practiced in order for all students to achieve academic success as well as personal and interpersonal success.


Dawn Jaeger is a School Social Worker with AEA 267 in Iowa. Recognized as the 2012 Iowa School Social Worker of the Year, Dawn has 20 years of experience in the field of bullying prevention and provides training in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Check and Connect, School Wide Information Systems, and other culture and climate issues.

Kathleen Lockard, Olweus Technical Assistant Consultant, is from Afton, Iowa and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience with implementing bullying prevention programs.

Race, Class, Humor, and Laughing Until It Hurts Someone Else

8AM-12PM, Sunday, Nov. 6 – $55


Is your class clown using their gift of humor to bully? How do educators use humor in the classroom? This workshop will explore the ways in which humor has the potential to perpetuate racial and class bias by negatively impacting youth attitudes about cultural differences. Educators will leave with strategies to challenge bias and help youth raise the bar on humor.


Eva Vega-Olds is an experienced anti-bias trainer, and diversity and inclusion practitioner and performer of 17 years, working directly with elementary school students through adult audiences on issues related to bias, bullying, social justice and leadership. Using performance driven education, keynotes, and interactive workshops, Eva’s programs are created to entertain and engage audiences in finding solutions for meaningful social change. Eva sits on the Advisory Board for MTV’s Look Different Campaign- a multi-year multimedia social impact campaign designed to challenge racial, gender, and anti-LGBT bias with millennial audiences, and to generally shift the national conversation to social justice issues. Eva currently serves as the Director of Community and Diversity at The Town School in New York City. In this role Eva serves as the point person on social justice education, community service and social impact, policy development and curriculum. Eva received a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the New School for Social Research.

Restorative Practices and Bullying Prevention: Promises and Pitfalls/The Trauma of Bullying: The Victim, The Community, The Bully

1PM-5PM, Sunday, Nov 6 – $55


Restorative practices is based on the premise that people are happier, more productive, and increasingly willing to make positive changes in their lives when people do things with them, rather than to or for them. Restorative practices works to proactively prevent bullying by strengthening relationships, building community, and reinforcing behavioral norms. This workshop will be an overview of the basic restorative practices that include the social discipline window, restorative questions, shame and affect, and how these principles relate to creating a positive culture. We will explore how these practices have been used in schools and in other youth serving environments to address bullying and build a safer, saner culture. Traumatic experiences lead to chronic cycles of bullying where we may become stuck as victim or aggressor.  Traumatic experiences are unavoidable.  Some of us experience trauma more often, some of us more severely. Some of us recover more successfully over time, depending on our capacity to feel empathy, our problem-solving skills and our surrounding group support — all of which contribute to building resilience.  Understanding trauma—what it is, what causes it, and what to do about it–helps us support others who are struggling to break free of the effects of trauma. This workshop is grounded in an analysis of the various types of trauma and the behavioral responses to trauma. We will examine how restorative practices can be a reactive and proactive response to trauma. We will explore how a restorative approach can build empathy and positive interaction building resilience. Understanding how trauma impacts our students and ourselves is a critical component in our interventions with students and colleagues

Lee Rush, M.Ed. is the Executive Director of justCommunity, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Quakertown, PA. that provides training and consultation services to communities, schools and organizations in the area of youth development, community mobilization strategies, student assistance programs and restorative practices. Lee is also an instructor and consultant with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP), the world’s first graduate school dedicated solely to Restorative Practices. Lou Furman, R.D.T., M.F.A., is a mediator and restorative practitioner focusing on community issues and police/civilian relationships. He is formerly Director of Community Mediation Services and Professor Emeritus at Washington State University.   He has established programs in alternative and charter schools, worked extensively with incarcerated youth and special populations, and an author in the fields of drama for young people and drama therapy.  He facilitates trainings in communication skills, mediation, restorative practices and trauma. Susan Norwood is a mediator, restorative practitioner and trainer active in educational, community and juvenile justice settings.  She has conducted trainings for school professionals, social workers, truancy officers,  probation officers and others interested in restorative practices.

Beyond “Bullying is Bad” – Experiential Activities for Effective Classroom Meetings K-12

1PM-5PM, Sunday, Nov 6 – $55


Many schools use classroom meetings in homerooms, advisee groups, and other settings to address bullying and school climate. Once the meeting has talked about what bullying is and why it is destructive, what other topics and activities are most helpful? Stan Davis and Chuck Saufler, who have worked worldwide in bullying prevention, restorative interventions, and activity-based learning for decades, will present and teach a selected group of easy-to-lead, effective experiential activities to build positive climate, connection, resiliency and positive behavior norms.


Stan Davis worked as a child and family therapist and school counselor for more than four decades. He has been active in bullying prevention since the early 1990s, and has authored and coauthored three books in this field, published by Research Press, including the recent Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment (with Dr. Charisse Nixon).

Chuck Saufler has worked as a school counselor, and as the lead trainer for bullying education at the Maine Law and Civics Education Program, University of Maine School of Law. He is currently a trainer/consultant for Safe Schools for All and for the Restorative School Practices Collaborative of Maine.


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